SpaceTime Collaborative

The SpaceTime Collaborative creates innovative projects and events that inspire wonder and curiosity. 

Collaborative Projects & Events


(Local Collaborative Holiday Fair)


(Neurodiversity AR Art Show)

The Darkroom

(Photography Exhibition)

Cinema Sonica

(Films Scored by Live Music)


(Experiential Art Show)

Doodle Fest

(Seasonal Drawing Event)

Synanthrope LB

(Augment Reality Project)

Encoded Textiles

(Artist Panel Discussion)


(Insect-Based Food Event)

MLK Day Virtual Event 2020

(Virtual Celebration Stage Site)

FPV Drone Prix

(Micro Drone Races)

Leaf & Fin Aquaponics

(Urban Farming Tech. & Edu.)

The Box of Boom

(Interactive Robot Drum-Machine)

Featured Collaborators

david hedden

Intentional designer and urban farmer with a focus on projects that provoke an awareness for sustainable and creative thinking. Creator of makerspaces, innovation spaces, and educator of industrial design at CSULB. 


gabe "gabotron" gaete

Gabriel Gaete loves to dabble in the intersection between art and music. He enjoys drawing strange geometric patterns, creating music related digital programs, and imparting maker knowledge where he works at the Long Beach Public Library makerspace.


dan lundmark

Interactive design + code, photography/film/VR/AR, computer science & art undergrad, econ MBA focused on microfinance, bootstrapping @SWVFTar fpv drone innovation & electric mobility, love to chill with the fam in the surf/snow/riding bmx and running. 


richard chavando

Artist and maker whose work ranges from illustration, digital design, and fabrication. When Richard is not creating, he is helping cultivate art and innovation within his community at the Long Beach Public Library’s makerspace, The Studio.


chris rivera

Designer, 3D Artist, Musician 

Chris loves to explore the surreal and unknown.


lisette solis

Marketing / Fashion Stylist / Metal Smith Artist / Event Production / Vintage Fashion Curator / MUA


sergio vazquez

Sergio V is an LA based House Music DJ and supporter of the LA underground dance music scene. Specializing in House and Techno, with a hint of Dirty Disco.


chef chad phuong 

"Pitmaster Chad Phuong is cooking up some of the most inventive weekly barbecue in Southern California, merging heartland American meats with not-so-subtle Cambodian influence." (la.eater)



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